“World-Class Storytelling and Workshops in Golden this Weekend” by Urwill Rocks!

The sunny foothills of Golden, Colorado will host the annual Rocky Mountain Storytelling conference this weekend.

Embodying the Story is the theme of the storytelling conference. “Tales Come Alive!” reads the flyer.

This year’s keynote speaker is reclaimed mime and storyteller, Antonio Rocha from Brazil.

“My style of performance is narrative based whether I’m speaking or not,” said Rocha.

Studied under mime master Tony Montanaro, and with Marcel Marceau, Rocha has developed a wonderful blend of movement and storytelling. He and other knowledgeable storytellers will facilitate movement workshops all day Saturday, Aril 23rd.

“I teach physical eloquence to support the vocal,” said Rocha. “The instrument of the performer is the body. The voice is part of the body. When you talk, your body should work as a foundation for what you have to say.”

Friday evening, April 22nd, a story concert for adults and kids features Antonio Rocha, Susan Marie Frontczak, and Johanna Walker.

“If the story is funny and bubbly and full of mischief, then there is a lot of room for physicality. If the story is somber and scary, then it has to be more calculated,” said Rocha. “My stories are built out of folk tales and personal stories I have mimed. Some stories I don’t say anything. Some stories I say a lot and move very little.”

This weekend, witness world-class storytelling and learn how to strengthen your own storytelling skills.

“It’s the old fire,” said Rocha. “Sitting around the fire brings people together to talk and socialize.”



For more information and registration, visit: rmstory.org

or Antonio Rocha’s site: storyinmotion.com

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