Submissions for LoveShovelReview camp edition due TOMORROW!!

By UrWill Rocks!

Rising high up above, the waxing Moon…

The North American black bear visited summer poetry camp a few times this year; always by itself, generally around midnight, and never afraid.

Large-lunged snorts, breaking branches through the leafy raspberry patch, a shadow as soft as a 70 ton steam-powered excavation loader – with a belly driven thirst like a wino on jail-break – the wild-natured beast, saliva dripping thick, forged amongst the low lying junipers (which flew scattered and strewn notebooks, journals, and styrofoam meat-packaging clinging to short sticked-branches; gnawed and chewed pens, pencils, and markers flung forgotten along with bare boned chicken wings, pork ribs, and fish heads; charred and grilled written words, phrases, and incomplete poems compost and rot with squashes and gourds, tomatoes on vines and watermelon rinds, egg shells, coffee-grinds, and facilitator’s syllabi).

Off quietly the bear would scamper into the dark pines – sausage and loose-leaf paper already in belly – and dancing in head, the heart-song of LoveShovel, Muse-driven poets, composing the collaboration of a tradition, of a community, of an experience… not yet forgotten.

Two Shovelers ~ Kelly Johnson: a young Cajun queen with abstract wisdom; and Matt Clifford: a punk-rock autonomous anarchist ~ have taken on the duty of editing and celebrating all the artistic wonder that occurred this year at Beyond Academia Free Skool’s 2016 summer poetry camp. It is up to you! to provide them with content.

Submissions for the camp edition of the Love Shovel Review (#7) are due TOMORROW!! Thursday, September 1st!! (Late submissions may be accepted, but hurry up!! We have a release party to celebrate with you in the middle of September, so we need your poems ASAP!!)

All the epic people who gathered this year, each and every one of you, has made camp extra special. Thank You!! (Much love to those who could not make it!) Those who were able to attend, we want to publish your poetry!! In what class did you contribute? The time has passed to ponder too long these divine thoughts. Make the edits to your poems, and now, please, share.

…as such milky white, she out shines all other stars…

 Was it during Cicada’s morning Coffee & Prompts that got you caffeinated and excited about new poetic forms?

Or was it Madame Mitchell’s Poesis: Invocation of the Muse discussion where you were able to call upon inspiration?

Possibly it was Mister Marcus’ Consequences of Ontological Anarchy seminar where you dealt with the nature of being?

Or were you able to discover your super-powers in Eric Fischman’s With Great Power?

Maybe Ira Liss and his exercises in Performance & Poetry got you acting your true self?

Or you now know who is your audience from Clint A. Locks’ You Talkin’ To Me!??

Perhaps Roseanna Frechette’s Writing Tadasana got you aligned: mind, body, and writing-paper?

Or Nancy Stohlman’s Flash Fiction class introduced you to an all-new prose?

Thomas R. Peters’ Beat Prompts could have dug up some historical reminders?

Or you felt included on Jonathan Montgomery’s MeToo! Birdwalk?

 Or you really learned how to tell the man off at Matt Clifford’s Political Party!! When Doves Fuck?

Maybe all you did was cut up a collage or ate BigPastaDinner, we want to publish YOU!!

What BAFS summer poetry camp poem did you write this year!?!

Submit today!!


…where a black fury tail holds a white mystical glow.

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