“Poetry to Swing Dance to” by UrWill Rocks!

To dance the jitterbug is to give yourself free to the world.

It’s a 6 step dance with many variations. Men generally lead with the first step to the left (while ladies follow to their right). It’s partner dancing, so if you don’t have a partner, ask the person standing next to you.Begin with a loose shoulder-width stance; your legs bouncy and arms held out. Face each other, and you can either hold hands or hold hand and waist/shoulder.

The man leads with gestures from his hands (light squeezing or pulling with the fingers) indicating where the lady should follow. Never grab the hand but consciously hold hands.

With the first step, men, to the left a half step with your left foot, drawing your left hand in that direction for the lady to take her first step, a half step to her right with her right foot.

Ladies, a great follow makes the dancing couple look coordinated. A hurried follow makes the dance look sloppy. Patience and trust in the man that he will spin you proper, right gentlemen…?

Now, with the first step completed and the lady successfully following, the second step, men, is to bring your right foot over half a step and rest a shoulder-width stance; facing your partner. The lady, would complete her steps with her left foot following a half step, resting at shoulder-width; facing her partner. Steps 1-2

The return steps to the right (men) or left (women) should rhythmically sync with the sound of the music and the motion of the dance. Gesture with your hands, men, for the dance to move in that direction. These steps are the same, yet opposite, of the first set of steps. Steps 3-4

Steps 1-2 and 3-4 are stepping back and forth. Now, for steps 5-6, there’s a bit of a trick. It’s called the “rock step”. It’s a rocking motion both partners take with their lead foot (left foot for men, right foot for ladies).

The rocking motion is after Steps 3-4. Step 5 the man lets his left hand go of the lady’s and takes a half step back (as opposed to stepping to the side) with his left foot. The lady also takes a half step back, with her right foot, and the dancing couple opens briefly like a book.

Don’t forget to rock on that now back foot and lightly lift up and put down your inside right foot (men) or left foot (ladies). That’s Step 6.

Step 1 is the couple then stepping forward and holding each other again to continue the dance.

If you’re doing the jitterbug correctly it should look like this…

Now that you know the basic jitterbug dance steps, you’ll have no trouble joining in this Friday’s Poetic CBD Swing Dance in Fort Collins!!

On February 17th, from 6pm-10pm, the Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Public House — in association with Denver Hemp Division, Ltd. and Fort Collins Food Co-op — is hosting an intimate evening of spoken-word, alternative medicine, and swing dancing (live music and dance lessons included).

The Spoken-Word

Boulder poets Jessica Rigney and Steve Wh0 will both individually release their first poetry chap-books on 30% hemp paper; published by Boar Hog Press in Nederland, CO.

Jessica Rigney is a poet, photographer, filmmaker and experimental digital musician. In 2016 she was a quarter-finalist for the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize, and had her first letterpress poetry broadside released by Wolverine Farm Publishing, Colorado. Follow her on Twitter @poetjess.

Steve Wh0 is an underground Boulder poet who writes a lot about shitty jobs and has more enthusiasm than most. Follow him on Tumblr: stevewh0.tumblr.com.

Boar Hog Press was founded in 1993 in the business of publishing non-academic Colorado poets and writers. The format of their chap-books is 5.5″ x 4″, making them easy to slide into your pocket. Their semi-bi-annual journal, the Love Shovel Review, publishes up-and-coming talent, and gives them a chance to work as editorial journeymen. The Review is noted for its graphic collage work and provocative content. Visit LoveShovelRanch.com for more information.

The Live Music

The Jeremy Mohney Band will be providing the swing music. Jeremy has been a staple jazz-man in the Boulder and Denver music community for many years now.  You may know him from Swing Night Tuesdays at the NoName Bar. Listen to his music at: JeremyMohneyMusic.bandcamp.com.

The Alternative Medicine

And there will be many CBD (cannabinol) venders, entrepreneurs of Northern Colorado, providing alternative medicines from the hemp plant — like tinctures, oils, salves, pet treats, and more!! Come early to learn more about cannabis!!

The Venue 

Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Public House is a 501(c)3 non-profit literary/arts organization based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since 2002, they have been a small-press that publishes books and newspapers, they operate a volunteer-run/donated-books bookstore, and host/organize community events and projects. Visit their website to learn more: WoverineFarm.org.

Friday night will be a night of much diversity!! …and a “Poetic CBD Swing Dance” will be an event of much delight!!

Learn more about Denver Hemp Division, Ltd., at: DenverHempDivision.com

See you out on the dance floor!!

googlerocks1Urwill Rocks! is a collection of stones with googly eyes who have seen the Earth’s entire history.  They saw the creation of the moon and the first thing to crawl outta the ocean.  They saw the beginning of lions drawn on caves and the emergence of dancers at Harlem’s Savoy.  And now they see the howling Poets of The Front Range Scene.