HAVE YOU HEARD: The Boulder Poetry Community has a show in Boulder Fringe Festival this August! We are proud to present our first official Fringe show entitled “For the Howlers: A Six-Part Series of Poetic Performances.” The series will consist of six separate shows throughout the two-week festival scheduled for August 17th through the 28th, and we are looking for the most passionate, local poets to take center stage.

Happen to be interested in being featured during one of our 6 shows?

Then send a letter to telling us why you want to perform (please include specs on any special tech needs for your proposed set) along with the pieces you want to read. These festival shows are an opportunity to present the value of poetry, the performing arts, and our community to Boulder County, so we would like to make sure that each of the participating artists are taking this showcase seriously.

What we are looking for is your weird and your beautiful, your out-of-the-box, your genre bending, your gender bending, your no-holds-bar and unapologetic, your multi-cultural, your counter-cultural, and your spirit soul spun.


We will feature three artists each show and each artist will be allotted 15 minutes to showcase their work. We have 18 slots currently available, so please don’t hesitate to apply. We will be accepting applications until July 20th, so send us the goods and step to the stage.

Our show times for the festival are as follows:

August 18th at 6:30pm
August 19th at 5pm
August 21st at 8pm
August 22nd at 6:30pm
August 25th at 5pm
August 27th at 8pm

We hope that you consider applying for, or attending, this incredible and beautifully poetic community showcase. And regardless, remember to stay bold, beautiful, and undeniably Fringe!

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